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Type of Activity:                             Boat Tour

Duration (excl. transport):           6-8 hours

Food included:                               Yes

Drinks included:                            Yes

Distance to Activity:                      33 km

(from Skradin)

Activity Price/Person (from):       €80


Težačka 2, Skradin 22222


Description of Activity

We take you to the unique excursion from Šibenik to Skradin, all up to the best known waterfall, Skradinski buk. Meanwhile you go fishing!
We start this amazing adventure in Šibenik from the Banj. With a guide we pass further upstream channel St. Joseph.
Here we are already in Prukljan gulf, the unique lake where the cold water of the river Krka is mixed with seawater. Along the way we will stop several times to enjoy the beautiful, unspoiled nature and try to catch some fish.
We will take lunch in local taverna Vidrovača, a very famous tavern that can only be reached by sea. In Skradin we leave our kayaks and accompanied by a tour guide we go on tour to NP Krka.

ALL INCLUSIVE Tour price (€210) includes:
- HOBIE kayak: the adjustable seat, complete fishing equipment, daily fishing license, fish finder, GO PRO cam, WI FI speaker, mobile phone, GPS tracking, walkie talkie, bimini, dry bags
- Lunch in tavern Vidrovača
- Entrance tickets for Krka NP
- Insurance
- Licensed tourist guide

Restrictions of Activity

Exploration of the Fort St. Nicholas depends of weather conditions and local authority rules that are valid for a period of season. Due to mentioned sightseeing may be impossible.