Here you will find necessary information about the race - will be updated continously.


In 2020, the pandemic cancelled the race, which unfortunately was also the case now in 2021. 2022 will be the 3rd try & then we will run damnit!

We closed the application at 150 people as we really believed & hoped that the government would go on FHM's response to easing the restriction ordinance, where they proposed a participant ceiling of 150 people in a high virus spread situation for exercise races outdoors, which would take effect from 11/4.

But yesterday's (March 31) decision from the government & FHM to postpone these reliefs to May 3 (to begin with) gives us no choice but to cancel once again (= postpone again) WINTER BAY Backyard Ultra, because it is still a maximum of 8 people that applies. 

NEW DATE = weekend May 14-15, 2022 (same time, same place, same course).

This means the following:

  • All registered participants will of course keep their starting places = will be automatically transferred to the new date 14-15/5 - 2022!
  • If for any reason you do not want / can not participate in the new date, we offer you a 70% refund of the registration fee.
    • NOTE! This offer is valid until 31/5 - 2021.

We hope of course that you are still eager to run this particular race & want to keep your starting place. Of course, you have the opportunity to sell / transfer your starting place if you later discover that you do not have the opportunity to participate in the new date - for example, we currently have about 25 people on the queue / reserve list.

If you want a refund, we ask you to return with bank + account number and we will arrange the refund of 70% of your registration fee.


WINTER BAY Backyard Ultra is organized by Run Raisers (from Sweden), who also have been organizing KRKA Ultra Challenge in Croatia 2018-2019 (the 2020 & 2021 editions cancelled due to Covid-19). All our races have a charity connection where we try to raise awareness & money against one of the fastest growing diseases globally - diabetes! #Run4Diabetes


The race follow a 6.7 km rounded course (loop) with a new start every full hour. WINTER BAY Backyard Ultra will start kl. 10:00 & all participants who finish the loop within 1 hour can start the next loop at kl. 11:00, then kl. 12:00 etc. Participants who don't manage to finish the loop under 1 hour are out of the race.

All participants run as many loops they want & participation is at your own risk.


Registration to WINTER BAY Backyard Ultra 2022 will open as soon as we know more about future restrictions, participant ceilings etc. Already registered participants for the cancelled 2021 edition will automatically be transferred to 2022.

  • 150 spots will be available for the main event, but the course has a capacity of 250 participants. 
  • 50 spots will be available for the Kids 'n' Family event.


Name change can be made until April 30, 2022 at the cost of 150 SEK (0 SEK for registered participants for the cancelled 2021 edition).

This is the process: The original participant sends an email to giving his/hers permission for the name change. We also need the following details of the new participant: Full Name, Email, Mobile, Sex, Personal number (6 digits), Club/Team, T-shirt Size.


According to The Distance Contracts Act sports events are exempt from the right of withdrawal.

You can read more here (Lag (2005:59) om distansavtal och avtal utanför affärslokaler) här
You can also read a short version here Hallå konsument!


Saturday May 14 – 2022 at Trekantsparken, Stockholm (T-bana Liljeholmen). Start kl 10:00.


Joint start every full hour. First start kl. 10:00, then kl. 11:00, kl. 12:00 etc.


Last One Standing, only one class.


You pick up your Start Bib ONLY according to the following:

Friday May 13:             

Runners' Store (Regeringsgatan 26, Stockholm) between kl. 11:00-16:00

Saturday May 14:       

Big tent in loop area @ Trekantsparken between kl. 08:00-09:00


Participant T-shirt* will be in included included in the Goodie Bag* given at Start Bib pick-up.

*T-shirt & Goodie Bag are not included for Kids 'n' Family participants.


We can offer our participants a special discount in our "Running Crib" = Best Western and hotel (Apelbergsgatan 40, T-bana Hötorget) just 15 min away with T-bana to start. Please see more info here: Accomodation


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Trekantsparken, Stockholm (T-bana Liljeholmen).


Start & finish area in Trekantsparken. Here there is a limited area where participants can set up camp with a small tent, sun chairs or similar - a place to relax between every loop. In addition there will also be a bigger tent at disposal for the participants. In the loop area there will of course also be a loaded water-/energy station open at all times during the event. 5 toilets will be ready. Showers & changing rooms are located at our official "Running Crib" = & and Hotel (Apelbergsgatan 40) just 15 min away with T-bana to Hötorget.


The course is a 6.7 km rounded course (loop). The surface varies between ashpalt, wood, gravel/macadam.


No official parking available, limited number of parking spaces close to event aree. Park at own risk & follow stated parking fees. We recommend publick transportation


Every participant who finish at least one full within 1 h will be awarded a unique medal.

Last One Standing (the winner) will be awarded a unique trophy.

We will have a raffle where participants can win nice prizes on their Start Bib numbers from our sponsors/partners.


Medals will be given to participants after they notify Race Management of their resignation from the race.

Prize to Last One Standing (the winner) will awarded after race finish.

Winners of the raffle will be posted in loop area during Saturday May 2. Prizes are collected in the main tent.


Head lamp, reusable cup/mug & personal medication are mandatory equipment. Head lamp must be used between kl. 19:59-04:30. Reusable cup/mug must be accessible in loop area. Personal medication must be stuffed in loop area in case of emergency.

Reflex and/or reflex vest, extra shoes & socks, blister/chafing prevention & extra clothes are recommended equipment. The weather in Stockholm in May may vary a lot day by day - dress for success.


In our ambition to save the environment, we will not use any disposable mugs during the event. Meaning all participants must have their own resusable cup/mug to enjoy our refreshments in the water-/energy station.


No individual time tracking, we will only count the number of loops / participant. Since we will have manual checking & counting at finish we kindly ask for your understanding it might be a bit crowded at the finish the first loops. We will have many volunteers to ensure a smooth finish transition. Please keep your Start Bib visible at all times & make sure you are checked when finishing each loop.


During the event we will do our best to update the results on Facebook on a regular basis, for your loved ones to follow all your admirable efforts. After race finish we will post all results on both Facebook and the Run Raisers website.


3 toilets + 1 urinoar will be available in the loop area.

Changing rooms are not avilable in the loop area, use existing tents if necessary.

Showers & changing rooms are availble in our "Running Crib" = Best Western and hotel (Apelbergsgatan 40) just 15 min away with T-bana to Hötorget.


More info to come, but rest assured, there will be a lots of energy...


Pacers are not allowed, see Rules