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    About Run Raisers

    Run Raisers was born from my own relentless search for the next running challenge. As an avid race runner with a job that included numerous business trips every year, I was always trying to find a race (any distance) the weekend before/after close to the business trip location. But every time I had to search many websites before I could get a good picture of available race – what if there would exist one website that could present an overview of all my alternative races matching my criteria…

    We assume that you – like us – consider running being the energy for the soul & that running races spices up all the training you do! In addition we also have a strong belief in the power of human good will to also contribute to charity by running for good causes. Thus, our core business is CHARITY in combination with RUNNING – hence the name Run Raisers – and ALL products/services offered here on www.runraisers.com contribute to charity!

    Run Raisers have created THE ULTIMATE CHARITY RUNNING RACE CALENDAR – where “all” running races (well…) – are gathered in a Search Tool for you to filter on distances, types of races, dates & locations. The Search Result will give you a clear overview of you options!

    Note! All races available have organizers who sponsor Run Raisers with X number of free start bibs, which we in return can sell to discounted prices for charity; we call these “Raise Bibs“. In the checkout you will decide which charity organization will receive your contribution & after completed purchase you will receive a separate email with the link to the selected race website + a unique code giving you free race registration.

    YOU will get a start bib to a lower price – YOU will contribute to charity – THE RACE will get more visibility & participants = WIN WIN WIN!