Run Raisers has the rights to represent Stotinka (www.stotinka.hr/eng) in the Nordics. Stotinka is the biggest race timing provider in Croatia (running, swimming, biking) with a market share of >45%, but is also operating in Serbia, Italy & Belgium.

Only in 2018 Stotinka timed >235 races & manages >59.000 registrations through their system. Stotinka is a total provider which, besides timing, also include a complete registration module, start-/result lists, live tracking & start bibs production. Everything can of course be customized for each race.

The system is very easy-to-use & a few example benefits are that the race organizer can use existing volunteers/staff as time keepers instead of e.g. having to pay extra staff from the timing supplier, & that the race organizer only pay a fixed fee per finishing participant. Timing is often a big part of the budget & cutting costs are essential.

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We assume that you – like us – consider running being the energy for the soul & that running races spices up all the training you do!

In addition we also have a strong belief in the power of human good will to also contribute to charity by running for good causes.

Thus, our core business is CHARITY in combination with RUNNING – hence the name Run Raisers – and ALL products/services offered here on www.runraisers.com contribute to charity #Run4Diabetes!

Running unites people, which is why we want to inspire more & more people discover the beauty of running, both for him/herself & for others, but also together to make new contacts & hopefully to find new friends!


RUN RAISERS (Improfiler AB, org.nr 556899-6036, VAT SE556899603601) was founded in Sweden 2016 by running enthusiast Mikael Hasselrot, aka Run Dude.

Mikael really took up running in 2009 & instantly became passionate about this fantastic activity. Since then he has annually participated in numerous running challenges in Sweden as well as around the world, including Marathons, Ultra Marathons, Half Marathons, 10km, Relays & OCR´s.

During 2019 Mikael ran Tokyo Marathon, Boston Marathon, TEC 100 miles (Täby Extreme Challenge), Älvdalen Backyard Ultra, Black River Run 100 miles, Kullamannen 100 miles.

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