Here you'll find "all" necessary info about the race  - updated on a continous basis.

About 10 days before race date all participants will receive a Race-PM containing all you need to know (& some you don't need).


Registration to GotRun Winter Trail 2022 opens again 1/9. 

  • 150 start bibs available in total for all distances (limited number/distance)
  • Registration via HERE (extern link)


GotRun Winter Trail is organized by Run Raisers (from Sweden), who also organize the international charity trail race KRKA Ultra Challenge in Croatia both 2018-2019 (date 2021 TBD), and WINTER BAY Backyard Ultra in Stockholm.

All our events have a clear charity connection where we inform & raise money against one of the fastest growing global diseases - diabetes! #Run4Diabetes


The course mainly follows the all new Östkustleden along the spectacular east coast of Gotland. Depending of distance you'll also run quite a bit on lovely forest trails around Ljugarn & the ancient ruin Torsburgen. NOTE! All participants run at their own risk, need to carry enough energy to last the whole race, bring all mandatory equipent & must sign the race disclaimer before start.

NOTE! Mandatory for all participants to download the course to watch/mobile to navigate (apply to "Dubble" 144 km & "Enkle" 72 km). The course is NOT MARKED the whole way.

Download the GPX-files here:

"DUBBLE" 144 km

"ENKLE" 72 km

"KORTE" 35 km


GotRun Winter Trail is an approved event  Idrottens Ö, which is a collaboration initiative between the Gothlandic athletic movement and the hospitality industry in Gotland. Via Idrottens Ö Destination Gotland offer discounted travel and accommodation to attractive prices in connection with the various sporting events taking place in Gotland.

As a participant (also applies to your family) you will have 10-48% discount on your ticket prices from Destination Gotlands (depending on time of year).

Note! For prices & discounts you must contact/book via either phone or email according to below + state you are a participant in GotRun Winter Trail:

Phone: 0771-22 33 50


We'll bring you on an adventure where the ocean's voice is always present. On eastern Gotland there are many stories from ancient times & the ocean has taken many lives. Running here during the winter you'll feel how the darkness, loneliness & history will catch you while fighting against the forces of nature. Are you a true rebel like the goth Thore from Hajdeby & his ancestors who have guarded the coast for as long as anyone can remember?


Friday Jan 14 - 2022 "Dubble" 144 km start at Pensionat Lövängen in Ljugarn (Pighuset, Louis Sparres Väg)

Saturday Jan 15 – 2022 "Enkle" 72 km start at Pensionat Lövängen in Ljugarn (Pighuset, Louis Sparres Väg)

Saturday Jan 15 - 2022 "Korte" 35 km start at Katthammarsvik Rökeri


"Dubble" 144 km: Kl. 21:00 Fri Jan 14 - time limit 21h

"Enkle"      72 km: Kl. 07:00  Sat Jan 15 - time limit 11h

"Korte"      35 km: Kl. 11:00 Sat Jan 15 (transfer to start @ kl. 09:45 from Ljugarn) - time limit 7h


2 classes/distance: DUDES/LADIES


"Korte" 35km = 1 ITRA point Qualifying race in 20K-category for UTMB World Series 2022.

"Enkle" 72km = 3 ITRA points = Qualifying race in 50K-category for UTMB World Series 2022.

"Dubble" 144km = 4 ITRA points = Qualifying race in 100K-category for UTMB World Series 2022.


You'll collect your start bib + goodie bag ONLY according to:

Friday Jan 14:             

Pensionat Lövängen (Storvägen 64, 623 65 Ljugarn), between kl. 18:00-20:00

Saturday Jan 15:       

Pensionat Lövängen (Storvägen 64, 623 65 Ljugarn), between kl. 08:30-09:30


Change of name can be done until Dec 20, 2021 at at cost of 150 SEK.

Do like this: The original participant sends an email to & approve the name change. We also need full details for the new particpant: Complete name, email, mobile, sex, personal number (6 digits), club/team.


According to The Distance Contracts Act sports events are exempt from the right of withdrawal.

You can read more here (Lag (2005:59) om distansavtal och avtal utanför affärslokaler) här
You can also read a short version here Hallå konsument!


Particpant hats/cap will be received together with the goodie bag at start bib handout.


We offer our participants great prices on accommodation thru our partners, all accommodation alternatives are located within a few minutes wallking distance from both the start-/finish area as well as the race dinner location on Saturday. 

See more info here: Accommodation


Show on Google Maps

Pensionat Lövängen in Ljugarn (Pighuset, Louis Sparres Väg)


Start & Finish area is located on the beach in Ljugarn. Here you'll find water, sports drink & something to eat. Here is also a limited area where participants can leave drop-bags (apply only to participants in "Dubble" 144 km).


Between Anga Prästänge & Ljugarn the course follows the all new Östkustleden, which is well marked with orange markings on stones/trees/poles. This means that the "Korte" 35 km course is fully marked. However, the majority of the remaining part of the course is NOT MARKED with the exception of about 6 km from Ljugarn toward Torsburgen, which affects participants in both "Dubble" 144 km & "Enkle" 72 km courses.

NOTE! Mandatory for all participants to download the course to watch/mobile to navigate (apply to all participants in "Dubble" 144 km & "Enkle" 72 km). 

Download the GPX-files here:

"DUBBLE" 144 km

"ENKLE" 72 km

"KORTE" 35 km


In the event that a particpant need to quit the race, he/she must contact Race Management immediately & follow instructions on how to get to a reasonable pick-up location. Race Management mobile number will be printed on the backside of start bib & this number must be programmed in participants phones before start. 


By signing up for GotRun Winter Trail all participants agree that the organizer Run Raisers can post photos & videos before/during/after the race on this website and social media (Facebook & Instagram).


At Pensionat Lövängen there will be a pasta buffé served between kl. 18-20 (to be paid at location), which is also where the start bib will be collected. This is also where you have breakfast if you stay at Pensionat Lövängen/Frejs Magasin (breakfast must be prebooked).


We plan a great race dinner with a touch of Gotland included on Saturday night. Price about 275:- for a 2-course menu excl. drinks.

We hope to see all participants here at the dinner held at Pensionat Lövängen/Frejs Magasin, to chill on the After Run followed by a race dinner with price ceremony & a (possible) inspirational speaker.

All participants will receive an email in December to confirm YES/NO for participation.

More details will included in the Race-PM to be sent out about 10 daye prior to race date.


Medals will be handed out to all particpants upon finish.

Price ceremony to all winners/distance will be held at the race dinner Saturday evening.

We'll also have a lottery where participants have a chance to win prizes from our lovely sponsors/partners on their start bib numbers.


The following is mandatory for all participants:

  • GPS with the GPX-file of the race course downloaded (GPS watch and/or mobile)
  • Head lamp + extra battery (or extra head lamp)
  • Safety blanket (foil) + emergency medical kit (incl. elastic bandage)
  • > 1L water/sports drink in vest/backpack (about 15-17 km between aid stations)
  • Own energy to last for the whole race, e.g. gels/bars
  • Own mug/cup
  • Wind-/waterproof jacket
  • Extra long-sleeve base layer
  • Hat + gloves/mittens
  • Personal medication

Head lamp, safety blanket & liquid MUST be carried from start to finish. Own mug/cup must be used at aid stations (no disposable mugs will be available). Personal medication must be packed in vest/backpack.

Reflex and/or reflex vest, extra shoes & socks, anti-chafing & extra clothes are recommended equipments. The January weather in Gotland can vary heavily, simply dress accordingly.


Certainly it is unthinkable to leave any litter in the nature, you bring your garbage with you until you find a bin to throw it away. In our ambition to save the environment, we'll not have any disposable mugs at the aid stations. This means all particpants must have their own mug/cup to enjoy the refreshments at the aid stations.


We'll have individual timing thru the app, where participants & spectators can follow the progress from a number of checkpoints during the race. To ensure you as a participant get timed at a checkpoint it is very important that the volunteers can see your start bib - please carry this visible on the front of your body to make this process easiers.


During the race particpants & spectators can follow the results "live" as participants pass the various checkpoints. Live results can be found on HERE.

If time allows we'll also do our best to update results on Facebook, at least post photos/videos on a regular basis. After the race we'll post a complete result list on both Facebook & here on the website, certainly also on


In general, use the natures resources. Toilets are close to the start in Ljugarn ("Dubble" & "Enkle") at Pensionat Lövängen, which is also an aid station, as well as at Torsburgen, Katthammarsvik Rökeri (only between kl. 10-11 in connection with the start of "Korte" 35km, & tempory toilets are at Sandviken Strandby & Folhammars camping. 

No dressing rooms, change where you stay at.

No showers, shower where you stay at.

Regardless where you staty in LJugarn you'll just be a few minutes walking distance from start/finish.


NOTE! About 14-17 km between the aid stations. Plan your water/energy accordingly & bring all the energy you need.

Water & sports drink will be available in all stations, something hot to drink in some & some snacks/fruits in some. Ensure you carry what you need during the whole race.


Pacers are NOT allowed.