20% of all revenue in connection with KRKA Ultra Challenge & WINTER BAY Backyard Ultra goes to charity for diabetes. In this case, we will support both Type 1 Diabetes Research & our own Diabetes Sport Camp initiative.

We cooperate with the The Swedish Child Diabetes Foundation (www.barndiabetesfonden.se), see more info below:

  • 60% of the money we raise through our initiative KRKA Ultra Challenge & WINTER BAY Backyard Ultra will go directly to subsidize participation in this Diabetes Sports Camp
  • 40% of the money we raise through our initiative KRKA Ultra Challenge & WINTER BAY Backyard Ultra will go directly to The Swedish Child Diabetes Foundation, which supports research on type 1 diabetes
  • >100.000 SEK is our goal is to raise for diabetes charity the first three years (2018-2020)!

Type 2 diabetes, also known as “age” – or “welfare” diabetes, is spreading exponentially across the globe. One of the downsides with this disease is that every 3rd person affected does not even know they are affected(!). On the postitive side, type 2 diabetes can actually be controlled & even cured, by e.g. managing your diet, stress levels & frequent exercising. For us, generating awareness about type 2 diabetes by activating people thru running, is equally important to support type 1 diabetes research!

Type 1 diabetes, also known as “childhood diabetes”, is an abominable disease that currently cannot cured. The spread among childen increases year on year; yet we don’t know very much about the disease & why it occurs. The need for money to solve the mystery of the disease is extremely big.

Our objective is to help spread knowledge about what type 1 diabetes is & what it means to those affected. We will also do our utmost to collect as much money as possible for research on type 1 diabetes & together with the Swedish Child Diabetes Foundation, we want to provide research opportunities to find solutions to facilitate and improve the everyday lives of the children suffering from type 1 diabetes. Our hope is that, in the near future, research will have come so far that this disease can also be cured!

We hope our contribution may help eventually achieving these goals & meanwhile we strongly believe our Family Diabetes Sport Camp will be a great step on the way!

Follow how we are tracking towards our goal on www.krkaultra.com startpage + see below some more details.


Children with type 1 diabetes often need lots of attention from their parents & not seldom siblings (who don’t have diabetes) might feel somewhat in the “shadow” in these families.

We want families with children with type 1 diabetes to have a chance to go away on a Diabetes Sport Camp, during a summer week filled with sun, bath & sport activities. On this camp there are other children in the same situation. The objective, in addition to having fun together, is to exchange experiences between families through different workshops & of course make new contacts & friends!

Diabetes Sport Camp will take place in June each year (the first opportunity will be June, 2020) in the same place as the KRKA Ultra Challenge is taking place: Skradin in Croatia. Here are excellent conditions for a really cool week filled with activities for all kinds of interests!

We work with an experienced organizer on everything that has to do with Diabetes Sport Camp; from planning, bookings & administration to the actual implementation. The Swedish organizer has many years of experience in organizing camps for children & teenagers, both in Sweden & Europe, of which diabetes camps are an recurring annual event.


The Swedish Child Diabetes Foundation supports research aimed at preventing, curing or relieving diabetes in children and adolescents. The Swedish Child Diabetes Foundation is a foundation & receives no support from either municipality, county council or state. We are completely dependent on voluntary contributions from individuals, companies & associations. 

Every gift for research on childhood diabetes is important – small as big – & gives hope for new advances & breakthroughs. We are incredibly grateful for people’s commitment & generosity!

Research grants to research groups across the country are distributed annually after the applications have been reviewed by the Scientific Council of the Swedish Child Diabetes Foundation. In 2017, the Swedish Child Diabetes Foundation distributed 13 MSEK between 31 research projects.


  • Type 1 – The body’s lack of insulin production (affects about 10%, also called “childhood diabetes”)
  • Type 1 cannot be prevented – keep in check with insulin & healthy diet
  • Type 2 – The body’s inability to use insulin (affects about 90%, also called “age diabetes”)
  • Type 2 can be prevented – keep in check with insulin, healthy diet, medicine & psyical activity 
  • One can easily detect diabetes thru a single blood sample.

  1. Every 7 seconds a person dies of diabetes in the world
  2. The 7th leading cause of death in 2030
  3. From year 2015 –> 2040 from 415 –> 642 million people
  4. Sweden & Finland highest frequency sick in type 1 diabetes in the world
  5. Sweden today >400,000 diabetics (4%), & every 3 diabetic not aware
  6. Increased risk of cardiac problems, blindness, amputation & renal failure
  7. Treatment costs of Type 2 doubled 2006 –> 2014 (5.5 –>11.6 BSEK)


The Swedish Child Diabetes Foundation (Barndiabetesfonden) was formed when the Östgöta theater in consultation with Astrid Lindgren 1989 donated ticket revenues at the premiere of Astrid Lindgren’s play “Junker Nils av Eka” for childhood diabetes research.

The Swedish Child Diabetes Foundation and its national-/local associations are valuable complements to other research funds & patient organizations. They spread knowledge about the disease & raise funds for research into childhood diabetes, including participation in various arrangements. Local associations also organize activities for the children & meets for the parents in their own region.

The Swedish Child Diabetes Foundation is a certified charity, granted a so-called  90-account, & is a member of the national NGO fundraising counsil. Therefore, you can feel confident when giving a gift to the Swedish Child Diabetes Foundation. Their sole purpose is to support research aimed to prevent, cure or relieve diabetes in children & adolescents.