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"INSANE" 80 km


Event:                                "INSANE" 80 km (50 miles)

Date:                                  Oct 4, 2020

Start Time:                        06:30 am

Location:                           Skradin - Croatia

Distance:                           81.1 km

Entry (International):       €100

Entry (Croatian):               €50

Ascent:                              1519 m

Descent:                           1613 m

Trail:                                  77%

Road:                                 23%

Time Limit:                       14.5 h

ITRA-points:                     3


- Contribution to #Run4Diabetes charity (20% of entry fee)

- Participation in KRKA Ultra Challenge in chosen distance

- Entrance to Krka National Park during event day Oct 4

- One-day admission to Krka National Park Oct 3, 4 or 5

- Free bus transfer from Skradin to starting points – details in Race     PM 10 days before event

- Several aid stations with water, sports drink & food/snacks

- Official timing & results by Stotinka

- Race Bib with name

- Race Photos

- Food & finish festivities @ Skradin beach

- Prize ceremony (prices to 1-3 male/female per distance)

- A unique KRKA Ultra Challenge Medal for all finishing participants

- A unique KRKA Ultra Challenge Participant Tee

- A unique KRKA Ultra Challenge Goodie Bag

- A secret & unique KRKA Ultra Challenge souvenir

- Great offers from our sponsors/partners

Are U2 "INSANE" enough to try the 80 km! Fantastic spirit - loving it!

Here below you'll find a zoomable map view of the "INSANE" 80 km route + a summary route description in text! 

Note! We strongly recommend you download the GPX-file before the race to your watch / phone = great help to navigate through the most technical parts!


- The starting line of the "INSANE" 80 km is the entrance of the impressive ancient orthodox Manastir Krka, where the first 1.5 km is steep uphill. You´re in for a fun start .

- Once up the hill, you´ll go for about 3 km on macadam/grass paths.

- During the following about 10 km you´ll be running mostly trail paths on the plateau (not so tecnical, but look for route markings) to reach the majestic Manojlovac waterfalls. Make sure to stop for a selfie at the viewpoint!

- The following 5 km will be tougher (asphalt) as you first run a big beautiful descent down to Krka River level, before going uphill (quite depending) again after crossing the Krka river.

- After this first aid stations, the surface now changes to gravel/grass (rather flat) for 3-4 km, running on the countryside.

- Here comes, without doubt, the most technical part of the whole route, where you for about 5 km will navigate thru sticky bushes on very sharp chalk stones, for the most part having the Krka canyon in sight. Please allow some time to stop for pictures/selfies at the beautiful viewpoint overlooking the Manastir Krka from the other side of the canyon.  Advise: Take it slow (you will hurt if you fall), always look for the route markers, and enjoy!

- After this technical part it might be nice with an easier part, where you for 2-3 km will run on flat gravel side paths mixed with asphalt, before you reach the starting line of the CRAZY 53km event after about 30 km. Here you will have refreshments & food.

- The next 10 km is all trail (quite technical for the most part) on the plateau following the Krka river canyon. Keep your head up to enjoy the surroundings, but also to check the route markers. The last 3 km to the next aid station will be downhill on road with a magnificent view, before you reach the beautiful waterfalls of Roski Slap - also here is a water-/energy station.

- Next 4 km will be run on awesome (tough) trails to reach the plateau with a stunning view of Roski Slap, before you continue on varying trails for about 8-10 km passing the Visovac island. With the Visovac island behind you it is now time to climb the "ski slope" to reach the Visovac viewpoint where an aid station will be likely appreciated.

- With only about 5 km left to reach Skradin town, you'll pass several small villages with vineyards & olive gardens, running on some tiny roads but also here mostly trails.

- Leaving Skradin along the water line, you'll reach a smaller "ski slope" above which there is a viewpoint & aid station. Continuing on a trail detour for about 15 km, first half on macadam/gravel roads (rather flat) until you reach the "Infinity Bridge" taking you over the highway (road), before you continue (mostly) downhill on a mix of asphalt/grass/macadam on the way back to Skradin town, also here (like the whole route) you'll be running a roller-coaster up & down!

- The last 2 km will give you a treat towards the alluring finish line, totally flat on road.

- Finish line is at the cosy Skradin beach, where you'll be celebrated as a KRKA Ultra Challenge 2019 Finisher! 

- We will do our best to create a good atmosphere with Finish Line Festivities at the beach (everyone is welcome, also friends & family), where we will have entertainment, music, food-/drink stands!

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