We @ Run Raisers are cooperating with the whole city of Skradin to make your visit the best possible, and we are proud to have a local partner agency in Skradin – Active Destination – who will manage all requests & will try to accommodate you in the best possible way!

We don't have any organized transfers to/from the airports of Split & Zadar. If you come in company of 3-4 people it is often best to split a taxi. However, if you are alone you can always send an email ( to Ilijana at Active Destination and ask if she can pick you up? When you fill in the accommodation booking request, you can also there tick the box that you are interested in transfer.


We are also here cooperating with the best car rental company for our race participants & visitors, Popcar

Pop Car is available at the airports of Split & Zadar.

Pop Car is synonymous with reliability in car rentals and enjoys the trust of a huge customers network, with all their requirements. Through a wide variety of vehicles, you can choose the car that suits your particular needs for a safe and comfortable transportation, either on a business trip or on your vacations.


You can fly to either Zadar or Split, since Skradin is located pretty much in the middle of these two cities.

Check RyanAir, Norwegian or Skyscanner for prices & timetables.


We @ Run Raisers are cooperating with the whole city of Skradin to make your visit the best possible.

When you arrive we will happily recommend various restaurants depending on type of food, atmosphere, price levels etc.

Most bars & restaurants have their home made special selection of traditional rakia (spiced liquer) & you cannot go home without having a piece of Skradin cake. You must also taste the great Skradin risotto (which takes 12 hours to prepare)!

The evening before race date we always recommend all participants to go to the same restaurant to meet up with fellow competitors (location will be announced in the Race PM you will receive before race). 

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Skradin risotto
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